The 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle

博彩平台排名 Giving circle logoThe 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle is a community of 校友 donors dedicated to supporting two mission-critical elements of 博彩平台排名 University’s vision for the future: Student Access and Success and 社区 Partnerships.

Through an annual gift of $500 to the Giving Circle Fund, any 博彩平台排名 校友, parent or friend can become a shareholder and voting member in the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle. These funds are pooled and directed as such:

Circle chart illustrating distribution of funds: 40% to the 博彩平台排名 Fund for Student Scholarship, ensuring long-term sustainability of 博彩平台排名's financial aid program. 40% to the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle community grant recipient, informed by an annual shareholder vote. 20% to fund 博彩平台排名 student internships with 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle's priority partner

Since its inception in 2019, the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle has raised nearly $50,000 in support of the community grant program, the Giving Circle’s priority partner, and the 博彩平台排名 Fund for Student Scholarship. Current 博彩平台排名 students, 教师, and staff engaged with Indianapolis community partnerships may submit project ideas that aim to make a meaningful impact in the organization and in the community. After an initial review of project proposals by 博彩平台排名 University Advancement and the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle Executive Committee, 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle shareholders have the opportunity to recommend final recipients by vote at the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle annual meeting. Shareholders must make their $500 contribution to 博彩平台排名 University by May 31 each year to be eligible to vote for the community grant recipients at the annual meeting.

Past 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle 社区 Grant Recipients

Shareholders can look forward to opportunities to engage with students, 校友, 博彩平台排名 leaders, and community partners throughout the year, and are provided with regular updates on student-driven projects funded by the Giving Circle community grant.

For more information, please review the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle FAQs. If you have additional questions or want to learn more about how to join the 博彩平台排名 Giving Circle, contact Taylor Hensley, Associate Director of 博彩平台排名 社区 订婚, at 317-940-3920 or